Samsung Serif TV Editorial

In collaboration with the french furniture designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Samsung created an unique television that blurs the boundaries between furniture design and cutting edge technology.

Viewed in profile, the device is outlined by an I-shaped frame, which is giving Serif TV its name. With its exceptional form, the TV was designed to behave like a painting, showing both natural movements and still images such as the Curtain Mode screen effect. Samsung promotes the television as an object that fits into every environment we live in. Due to its unpretentious and unobtrusive design, Serif TV blends perfectly with the interior causing no discrepancy. As a result of the minimal and avant-garde use of forms, the television is dominated by the elegance of black and white. The strong contrast of the two colors reflects the antithesis of nature and technology.


–In collaboration with Samsung

Photography: Clemens Poloczek, created exclusively for iGNANT.
Producer: Clara Renner
Model: Tom Von Gagern
Agency: IZAIO Mangement