New Tendency Vases


Photographer Robbie Lawrence shot the new season of SID & CHAD vases by Berlin-based design studio New Tendency. SID & CHAD are two porcelain bottles handcrafted in Meissen, Germany. Shot in bright, warm light to accentuate their pot-bellied form, the pair are placed against a range of natural and man-made textures, in contrast to their smooth surfaces. “The two characteristic bodies combine function and form – use for a decanter, a vase or simply an object d’art,” states New Tendency about the vases. “As daily companions they can be arranged as an individual, a pair or a crowd. Their convex shapes are simultaneously compact and soft, hollow and versatile at the same time.” The vases are available at THE STORES. For more vases and objects d’art, have a browse through our shop.

All images © Robbie Lawrence for New Tendency

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