The New Wave Collection By Sarah Ellison

The New Wave
Dave Wheeler

The debut collection of Australian interior designer and stylist Sarah Ellison is ‘The New Wave’: a set of furniture pieces and homewares that take cues from ’70s beach culture.

There’s a distinct theme that sweeps through ‘The New Wave’, one that is both aesthetically Australian and unmistakably retro. The collection includes a three-level marble shelf with brass frame, velvet and leather upholstered chairs, marble dining and coffee tables, and leather ‘zed’ shaped chairs. The homewares in the collection are versatile in their uses—for example, mirrored plinths of varying heights double as bases to display art and can also be used as side tables, and sculptural ceramic vases can be used as jugs. Half-moon shaped colored glass pieces work as a side table top, wall hanger or to compartmentalize shelving.

Continuing this coastal-living, retro aesthetic, Ellison has also designed a contemporary collection of cement tiles. The designer references beach symbols—like the scallop shell and a setting sun—and reimagines them for the home.

All images © Dave Wheeler

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