Flat Life


Designer Finn Magee doesn’t make ordinary posters. Take a closer look and you can see this multi-functional posters, which you can plug in and are ready to go. The idea for this series came from an interest in advertising and getting a new desk lamp.

Setting it up on his desk, the lamp seemed to lend a productive atmosphere to the space. Out of this he wondered if the functional or at least the visual qualities of the lamp could reproduced with a flat image and that is how ‘Flat Light’ was born. ‘Flat Time’ and ‘Flat Sound’ continue this investigation into whether products can be dematerialised yet keep the effects they promise to provide. Trained as a product designer, Magee creates critical objects which question how we consume objects and ideas, always including a little humour and surprise. By the way: they are available for order.

All images © Finn Magee | Via: Feeldesain

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