Nike Schröder At Her Home And Studio In LA And Her Latest Show ‘Inzwischen’


Textile artist Nike Schröder was actually the subject of our very first Work in Progress Feature back in the days and we’re very glad to introduce an update of her work and her life in the following post. She has moved to LA since and found a gallery which is currently presenting her second solo show called ‘inzwischen’.

The translation of the German word ‘inzwischen’ is ‘meanwhile’ or ‘since that time’ which appropriately references the underlying themes and subjects in the new work. Continuing on topics relating to World War II Germany, Schröder reveals hard to find images of male and female soldiers engaged in playful activity. The freedom and naïve instinctiveness of the nudity juxtaposes the harshness and reality of the war. The subjects are translated into stitched paintings using Schröder’s signature rayon threads with gouache and mixed media on canvas.

The second half of the show includes a variety of works that have been precisely installed within certain architectural elements of the gallery. A large grouping of porcelain faces with minimal white glaze and indistinctive black markings is installed with streams of threads coming out of their mouths symbolizing the use of language. The overall installation appears ghostlike with hues of neutral colors intentionally weighed down by the dark dye at the bottom edges creating a heaviness to the filigree character for the atmosphere.

Berlin-based photographer Anja Schäfer visited Nike Schröder at her home and workspace in LA. Take a look.

All images by Anja Schäfer

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