Nike Schröder


I met Nike Schröder in front of a café in Kreuzberg, Berlin, where she is already waiting for me. Nike is as an artist and she wanted to become an artist since she painted her mother´s floor white with cream in the age of three. Today she is doing embroideries and developed her very own style to work with needle and thread.

Attracted by materials, and different textiles she started to work with fabrics and changed step by step her subject to a rather artistic background.

Nike Schröders embroideries show human faces, figures, bodies and body parts. Thread on canvas, sometimes mixed with paint merges to a symbiosis of material and structure. The mixture of her works and the viewers personal associations is bringing her figures alive. Maybe that is why the people on her works seem to look straight at me from her walls when she spontaneously takes me with her to her studio. Her studio is her center of living and working and it is also where she met many of her friends. During summertime her door is always open and so her studio became a meeting point for new and old friends, gathering in her beautiful little kitchen to chat and enjoy a few beers together.

Nike´s inspiration is her everyday life and everything that surrounds her. A lot of her friends are photographs, providing material that reflects her life and becomes the basis for her work. Nike shows me a project she is currently working on. It is some kind of map made of thread on paper and I am fascinated of how she moves the needle with a natural accuracy and an impressive dexterity. Today Nike is living on two continents, commuting between Berlin and LA and is planning to move to LA permanently.

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze

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