Sew Wanderlust by Teresa Lim

Singapore-based textile artist and illustrator Teresa Lim created the project ‘Sew Wanderlust’, an ongoing work to document her travels. It started in 2014 in Perth when she was at the beach and she wanted to take a photo of the sunset but her phone has ran out of battery. She only had her craft supplies with her and she thought that maybe it would be great to embroider the scene instead. That was how ‘Sew Wanderlust’ started.

In her own words, she says “Embroidering a place instead of taking a photo makes so much of a difference. When you take a photo of a place, you don’t notice the small details. But when you draw or embroider, your eye picks out so much more detail that you wont usually notice. And after I complete a piece, I feel like I actually know the place.”

All images © Teresa Lim | Via: My Modern Met