Anja Schäfer


Anja Schäfer just finished her studies in photography and is now living and working as a photographer in Berlin. Originally she is from a small town close to Hamburg but moved to Berlin pretty soon as she enjoys to meet new people and to talk to strangers. In her Daily Basics you can find her two favorite cameras, a Yashica and a Mamiya.

Anja works mostly with an analogue camera and got her Mamiya as a gift from a friend, after a robber stole her whole equipment. Anja loves to do sports and is going everywhere by bike. Surprisingly Anja is able to always name the correct cardinal points and is passing my test, when I ask her to point towards south. With her coffee grinder she is brewing freshly made coffee every morning or is drinking camomile tea instead. On her keys hangs a Matrjoschka, which she brought from Russia and symbolizes her fascination for the country. She notes everything that inspires her in her notebook and she is collecting ideas manily in everyday life. Her series ‘Abschnitt B5‘ for example developped during a daytrip with a friend. When she saw the abandoned houses along the road she knew she would come back to take pictures and create a series out of it. Anja is mainly attracted by stories told by people or places and is currently working on a project about portraying elder people living in her neighborhood.


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