Lavomatic By Emilie Faïf


French artist Emilie Faïf installed the artwork ‘Lavomatic’ at the ‘Wassalon Java laundrette’ at Zeilstraat 13 in Amsterdam. Opposed to the current trend of textiles being displayed as fashionable and desirable pieces in large warehouse displays, the artist chose an ordinary laundrette where she turned her fabric into a colorful, living artwork. While waiting for their laundry to finish, people can sit and watch the ‘breathing’ form that reminds of a duvet exploding in the machine.

Emilie Faïf states: “Textile is not only a lovely piece of fabric meant to protect man against the cold, the sun or the rain; it is also an identity-forming medium. The choice of a laundrette as a stage is a well considered one. Laundrettes are generally not deemed to be temples of art or fashion. They are a meeting point, an approachable place where local residents can wash their clothing.”

All images © Emilie Faïf

lavomatic_Emilie Faïf_01lavomatic_Emilie Faïf_02lavomatic_Emilie Faïf_03lavomatic_Emilie Faïf_04lavomatic_Emilie Faïf_05lavomatic_Emilie Faïf_06
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