Paulina Metzscher


Photographer Paulina Metzscher is only 19 years old though she is already capturing bold and sensitive portraits. She uses natural light and settings to create beautiful, touching images that seem to capture the true essence of her subject. So it didn’t come as a surprise that she also won the Youth Portraits 2014 Sony World Photography Award with her intimate portrait of a young girl on a train.

Paulina Metzscher is also quite active in the Flickr Community. She attended one of their many Flickr Meet-ups in the Bavarian woods a few weeks ago. For our exclusive 24 Hours Feature she captured her trip with her camera in her unique way. So come along on a trip to the mountains and make sure to keep an eye on this young, emerging talent.

[8:30 am] The sun is waking us, I am squinting against the sunlight coming from the window above my bed, gazing into the glorious blue sky.

[9:00 am] My room mate Chantal is also awake now and we spend a little more time in bed, letting the sunlight warm our bodies.

[9:15 am] I hop in the shower and get ready for the day.

[12:30 am] Most people of the group are awake, we take the car, heading towards an old, abandoned house.

[1:00 pm] We spot the house amidst a green meadow. We can’t stay too long as someone expels us from the site. Six cars with over 33 people are just not that easy to hide.

[2.00 pm] We start to explore the surrounding, heading toward the woods.

[5:00 pm] We’re back in our cabin, Katharina is trying to play the guitar while we lie in the meadow enjoying the sun.

[6:30 pm] The sunlight in front of our house is so delicate and beautiful.

[7:30 pm] We prepare dinner, someone picked fresh flowers, we just enjoy the little gathering.

[8:45 pm] Some of us leave the cabin again to explore a nearby clearing and capture the last sunbeams of the day.

[9:55 pm] On our way home we get lost though we discover a beautiful spot where we can watch the sun go down.

[11:00 pm] We light a fire in front of the cabin and gather around it. Nikolas and Hanna are singing, we drink some wine, laugh and talk and just enjoy the night.

All images © Paulina Metzscher

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