Disturbing Photography By Yung Cheng Lin


We’ve already featured the work of Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin aka ‘3 cm’. We had an eye on his new works ever since and as they were equally stunning as disturbing we decided to assemble a little update on his work.

His photography revolves around the topics sexuality, menstruation, maturity and birth. He likes to develop a multi-dimensional visual sense of space in his photography, creating irrational images, which make the audience curious and perplexed. Who enjoys Yung Cheng Lin’s body of work should also take a look at Kostis Fokas photography which has a similar, conceptual approach.

All images © Yung Cheng Lin

Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_01Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_02Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_03Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_04Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_05Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_06Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_07Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_08Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_09Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_10Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_11Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_12Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_13Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_14Yung Cheng Lin_Photography_15
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