Csilla Klenyánszki | Nhat-Vu Dang


For our Two of a Kind series, we provide two artists with three identical objects that they transform into different, characteristic artworks. This time we sent a sponge, coasters made from cork and a foam ball to photographer Csilla Klenyánszki and Berlin-based jewelry designer Nhat-Vu Dang. Find out what they made out of it below.



We have already introduced the works of Hungarian artist Csilla Klenyánszki on iGNANT. She is best known for her intuitive approach towards photography and her set installations consisting of still lives. Lately, she has been experimenting with different balancing acts, such as in her latest series Good Luck as well as in her upcoming series taking place in Seoul, South-Korea.

For her ‘Two of a Kind’ she also used the given objects, creating different still lives that seem to work as tiny fountains at the same time. Linking static with dynamic impressions, the images get an almost scientific touch as if she’d take part in a school project. Looking at the pictures, we especially enjoy Csilla’s characteristic child-like approach. She’s always on the watch for hidden possibilities related to form and function, making use of her seemingly unlimited fantasy.



Nhat-Vu Dang is living and working in Berlin, creating one of a kind jewelry designs. His approach is playful and humorous which is a new and refreshing take on the otherwise rather serious jewelry business. Most of Nhat’s pieces hide interactive elements, working as wearable kinetic sculptures. His graduation project consisted of cardboard pieces featuring a confetti-throwing mechanism or pop-up blocks of neon color. His latest works called ‘Flowers at Night and Day’ start ‘blooming’ once you rotate them to a light source.

For his ‘Two of a Kind’, he turned the received objects into a customizable brooch that can be worn in infinite ways. The pieces can be stacked on the solid base, changing its appearance every time you wear them, depending on the owner’s mood and taste. We are certainly admirers of Nhat-Vu’s raw talent and his creative approach towards jewelry making that once more has put us in awe.


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