Alexis Facca | Madame Peripetie


For our ‘Two of a Kind’ feature, we sent Brussels-based paper and set designer Alexis Facca and photographer Madame Peripetie three identical items that they transformed into unique artworks. The objects that we sent this time were: popcorn, shashlik and colored Plasticine.




Originally Alexis Facca comes from south of France but he’s now based in Brussels, Belgium. Facca is a paper and set designer. He already worked with clients like Converse, Universal Music or Michelin. He says about himself that he spends most of his time to misuse objects to build new stuff, which was exactly what we were looking for for our ‘Two of a Kind’ feature. Thus we were really excited to see what he’d make out of our items. The resulting images turned out really abstract. Facca created geometrical shapes using form, color and patterns, that seem very crisp, clear and minimalistic. We especially enjoy how he turned our rather playful items into clean modern still lifes. The pictures were taken by photographer Tom Joye who shares a studio with Facca.




Sylwana Zybura aka Madame Peripetie is widely known for her surrealist photography, abstract fashion and the art of conceptualism. Her works are influenced by post punk, science fiction, character design and theatrical avant garde visionary Robert Wilson. She says: ‘My world consists of many surreal and bizarre elements that keep coming back. I was never interested in depicting reality as it is – the escapism and interdisciplinary hybrid-thinking have always been fascinating me. Saturated colors and dark spaces, fabulous costumes, uncanny characters, quirky stories and unexplainable ideas– these are the elements that keep hypnotizing me whenever I plan a new photographic project. A tiny bit of mysteriousness and abstruseness is very important.’ We think her resulting image called ‘Monster’ gives a strong impression of how she works and thinks.


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