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This time photographer Lauren Hillebrandt and architecture and design studio Yonder Magnetik let their creativity flow for ‘Two of a Kind’. We provided them with three objects and they worked freely with them, shaping them as it came to their minds. Already when we tied up the parcel we got curious how the objects will look like when we’ll see them next time, processed in the artists work.

Seeing the final result, we were very happy and hope you’ll like it too. The objects we sent this time: a black rectangular box, colored ink cartridges, and three rolls of tape.

Dutch photographer Lauren Hillebrandt seemed like the perfect choice for this feature as the main theme of her work revolves around making ordinary things more interesting. She usually uses fruit, vegetables or plants, combining them with gaudy colors and patterns, arranging them to modern still lifes. We love her simple, yet courageous approach, forcing objects into new scenarios. In her characteristic manner she used our items creating photographs that almost remind us on crime scenes. What happened to that melon? And who ate the chocolate bar of which only the wrapping paper tells witness? The pictures make us think about what we are actually looking at, telling a hidden story. Her photographs are carefully arranged, considering light and shadow as well as the play of colors and space.

Yonder Magnetik chose a completely different approach. Usually working very graphically, they took our items outside, creating a somewhat dreamy video. Making use of the beautiful, lucent light of their homebase Sweden, they played with acuity and blurring focuses. The video is called ‘Remnant Fragments of the Afternoon’ and it seems like the designers went to explore an unknown planet where the clocks are running slower and weird, bizzare plants are growing. In their working characteristic the two designers seem to be inspired by light, life, good humor and visual poetry, tending to balance between simplicity and functionality. We just love this unexpected new concept of our everyday items.

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