Tobias Faisst | Matthias Weingärtner


As we often come across artworks which have the same basic idea as a starting point, though their result still turns out very differently, we set up our Two of a Kind series, dedicated to the thought of having two artists working with the same ground materials, transforming them in their unique way into exciting artworks. This time we decided to pick two artists which have a very similar approach, to push this idea even further. Both participants are based in Berlin, working with still-live photography while they share a very minimalistic and abstract aesthetic.

We provided both with a ball of rubber bands, a bottle of shampoo and the Disaronno x Versace bottle and that’s what they’ve made out of it.



We discovered the work of Tobias Faisst a few years ago, when he just started his studies in communication design in Potsdam. We introduced him and his series Triangulum on iGNANT in 2011. Meanwhile he finished his studies and is working as a designer in communication, as art director and freelance photographer in Berlin. He specialized in fashion, design, arts and culture and in music, often crossing the lines between photography and sculpture. He is mainly engaged in editorials and branding. We appreciate his minimalistic approach, working with great compositions and bold color-blocking. He definitely has an eye for structures and interesting forms, that he collects on his Tumblr, while he also launched some great Zines, that you can find here. Often playing with everyday objects in his works, we considered Tobias Faisst the perfect candidate for one of our Two of a Kind features. We provided him with three items, that he transformed into abstract still lifes.



Matthias Weingärtner originally comes from Lüneburg before he decided to relocate to Berlin to study photography. Today he’s still living in Berlin, working as a freelance photographer, specializing in still lifes and conceptional work. He is mainly shooting editorials and doing commissioned work for clients like Mykita, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair or I Love You Magazine. Visit his Journal for more inspirations and find his latest projects on his website.
Being specialized in working with products, we were curious how he’d stage our three items. His aim was to equalize these very different objects, blending them with their backgrounds, creating a very formal and conceptual body of work.

–In collaboration with Disaronno

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