Florent Tanet | Jorge Penadés


For ‘Two of a Kind’ we sent photographer Florent Tanet and designer Jorge Penadés the exact same three items that they transformed into unique artworks. With ‘Two of a Kind’ we regularly explore the creative workflow of various artists and how different their resulting pieces can be eventhough they started from the same basis.

The objects that we sent were: a red sheet of transparent paper, colored balloons and silver paperclips.




Photographer Florent Tanet is living and working in Paris. His still lifes are usually built from what surrounds him, such as his series ‘A colourful winter’, that is made from fruits and vegetables. Tanet likes to use what is close to him and what he has on hand. He enjoys playing with objects and shapes, creating hybrids and new objects, new forms or incongruous situations. So he decided to transform the badminton racket into a valuable utensil, working with the paper clips. The balloons were transformed into a graphic form on a contrasting berry-colored background. A sheet of paper became a moonscape or a spatial scene. Tanet likes the idea that trivial objects take on a new value and transform an ordinary scene into something remarkable.




Tanet’s counterpart, designer Jorge Penadés took the challenge from a rather practical level, creating unique woodpieces and candleholders, porcessing our items. He used the red sheet of paper as a bright and cheerful background, dyed the paper clips in the same color and added some wooden pieces to create beautiful, functional objects. The balloons found their place, holding the candles. In his works, Penadés enjoys changing perspectives, giving things completely new turns, reformulating the questions in order to get different answers.

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