Greg Eason


Able to formally and conceptually analyze space with only a pencil, Greg Eason’s work depicts isolated objects in chasms of subdued color, creating a solemn, often grave aura. Within his negative spaces, Greg calls upon recurring themes including mortality, spirituality and nature, and recurring objects including eggs, symbols and skulls.

His illustrations strike an astute balance between the characteristically sparse and meticulously detailed. With delicate pencil drawings hung inside vast cavities, Greg can conjure an uneasy sense of depth, which we don’t want to hold back from you.

All images © Greg Eason

GE - 1103GREA25 - Angel  001GE - 1010GREA08 - Monolith 001greg02greg03greg04GE - 1010GREA08 - Disappearing Penguinsgreg07GE - 1103GREA25 - Reign in Blood 002greg09greg10greg11greg12
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