An Artistic Take On Basketball Court By Artist Gue

Known for his colorful and vibrant murals, Sicilian artist Gue has created another artwork on the surface of a 347-square-meter basketball court.

Made as a part of Carlo Carrà park’s urban redevelopment in the Italian city of Alessandria, the geometrical work features vivid reds, yellows and blues. Describing the background of his work, Gue explains that he chose the color samples usually used in basketball courts, but combined them with personal variants. Playing with the viewer’s perception of shape and space, the work redefines the traditional appearance of the sports field. That said, apart from popping the eye with its lively shapes and tones, the painting’s lines also highlight the movement within the space.

Gue_Art (9)
Gue_Art (7)
Gue_Art (10)

All images © Ugo Galassi