Future Imperfect by David Ellingsen


Canadian artist David Ellingsen is well known within commercial and public galleries all over the world and lately awakened our interest with his new series ‘Future Imperfect’. In the context of an affluent yet unsustainable culture resistant to any perceived deterioration of lifestyle the series is motivated by the point of meaningful widespread social change.

With little or no trace of civilization, the landscapes themselves quietly dominate this series. Formations of figures portray community – a crowd, a flock, a pod, a herd – putting mankind back into the natural order from which it has removed itself. Bringing together these elements of Man and Environment, ‘Future Imperfect’ questions if our seemingly blunted instinct of self-preservation will overcome the entrenched, destructive cultural norms inherent in the West. David Ellingsen’s photography is rooted in this rural upbringing which emphasized the importance of pairing quality with practicality, people with the environment and the individual with the communal. These values continue to inform his working life.

All images © David Ellingsen

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