Human sculptures by Bruno Walpoth


Bruno Walpoth creates intriguing human sculptures made of wood. The textural imperfections of the sculptures give a figurative spirit to the trees from which it came.

Walpoth uses semi-translucent paint to coat his works, ensuring that the wood grains stay visible. There is a sense of life and humanity in the figures which often seem quite pensive and deep in thought.

Having grown up with a lineage of grandfathers and an uncle who were distinguished woodcarvers, Walpoth has eagerly chosen to follow their practice, incorporating his own contemporary ideas to the craft. Inspired by all forms of art that lie beyond wood carving and sculptures, Walpoth approaches solid slabs of wood with a creative outlook, transforming them into intricately detailed figures in the likeness of men and women.

All images © Bruno Walpoth| Via: My Modern Met

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