Quirky Erotic Illustrations By Aurel Schmidt


New York-based artist Aurel Schmidt created a series of drawings, titled ‘Fruits’, that blends human body parts with various fruits and vegetables. Through hyperrealist elements and pale colors, the artist creates imagery that’s both delicate and peculiar. In an interview about her work, she says, “With all my work I am just trying to show all sides of the coin – heads, tails and the edge. Beauty is a huge element of my work, and love. All the things I draw are drawn with a certain love for the subject…”

All images © Aurel Schmidt

Aurel Schmidt_Art_1Aurel Schmidt_Art_2Aurel Schmidt_Art_3Aurel Schmidt_Art_4Aurel Schmidt_Art_5Aurel Schmidt_Art_6Aurel Schmidt_Art_7Aurel Schmidt_Art_8Aurel Schmidt_Art_9
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