Evelyn Dragan | Federico Floriani


The second edition of our new category ‘Two of a Kind’ features photographer Evelyn Dragan and product designer Federico Floriani. For ‘Two of a Kind’ we provided them with three objects that they turned into something unique. They were free to create whatever came into their minds and they gave the project their personal touch.

Both had the same raw materials but worked independently, in their very own manner. The objects for the project this time: a wire grid, bubble gum and common brown paper bags.

Evelyn Dragan is a photographer and graphic designer from Germany. She is the co-founder of CULT, besides she works on various photography related projects, such as Lectures, where she invites speakers who work with and in photography give an insight into their working routine. Her own photography is much inspired by patterns, colors, structure and details. She has a very clean but at the same time expressive approach towards photography. Color and composition add up to create beautiful, abstract photographs telling stories about her, her friends and her life. For ‘Two of a Kind’ she tore the paper bag to use it as a gradual filter, the wire grid was installed in front of a light to create a pattern, reflecting on the model. The gum was thrown in water, slowly dissolving in the liquid.

Product designer Federico Floriani worked with the same three items though he chose a somewhat different approach. He used the objects in his daily environment, trying to interpret them related to people and a photographic set. Thus he created a rather playful series of still life and portrait pictures, integrating the three items in his surrounding as if they were useful objects. Usually Federico creates things like the 1,2,3 Lamp, the Float Vase or the Tent Clothes Hook, objects that are simple, functional and very thoughtfully designed. He is also passionate about analog photography that you can check out by clicking here.

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