Kheira Linder | Marlen Mueller


We regularly stumble across artists that work around the same topic but with a completely different approach. And even though their starting point might be a very similar one the result is always very different. We love those moments as it reminds us that we are all living in the same world, yet we take very diverse perspectives.

The great thing about art is that artists and creatives can share their perspective in a very special way. They create pictures, objects, installations, sculptures or drawings to show their world. This is what we’d like to explore with ‘Two of a Kind’ where we provide two different artists with three objects that they turn into something unique. They are free to create whatever comes into their minds and give the project their personal touch. Both have the same raw materials but work independently, in their very own manner. Our first objects for this experiment are: a styrofoam cone, a ball of rubber bands and a notepad.

As we stumbled across Kheira Linder’s portfolio we were immediately fascinated with her free, sometimes even chaotic approach that reveals her thoughts when looking closer. Kheira studied fashion and communication in Germany but is ‘living, biking, working and loving’ in Stockholm since a few years. When she opened the box with the three objects, she first recognized color and shape. She also associated that any of the three objects retrieves in the other, e.g. tiny balls in the cone, long rectangles of the rubber band on the notepad. She started wondering if that would also apply to human ideas, thoughts, feelings and dreams as we are all just made of tiny atoms.

Kheiras counterpart is Marlen Mueller, a young photographer from Berlin. She finished her studies in media, arts and design at the ‘Bauhaus Universität’ almost two years ago and has been living between Berlin and New York since. She also took the three objects to pieces and brought them back into the natural cycle. The result is the series ‘Fluffs’ that she shot with her analogue camera. Snipped paper, styrofoam and rubber pieces can be found in the water, in a stub, mixed with slush and lying on the floor. It seems like randomly assembled, fallen out of someones pocket or being the leftover of a party.

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