The Art Of Waiting Edition


Oftentimes, we stumble upon artworks that stem from the same idea but have very different visual outcomes.

That’s why we set up our ‘Two of a Kind‘ series – to see how two artists working with the same starting materials can transform them in their own unique way. For our iGNANT Issue: ‘The Art of Waiting‘ edition, we gave an hourglass, a mirror and a pack of chewing gum to the London-based set designer and art director Gemma Thérèse Pearce and Italian visual research agency makethatstudio. See how they interpreted the theme below…





“I was interested in the idea of waiting to grow old.”The London-based set designer and art director Gemma Thérèse Pearce enjoys working with narrative and strong themes within her still life, video and fashion work. Drawn to color and experimentation with materials, she takes inspiration from David Hockney, flowers, Frida Kahlo and Alexander Calder sculptures. Speaking of her submission – created together with still life photographer Kate Anglestein – she says, “For the theme ‘The Art of Waiting’, I was interested in the idea of waiting to grow old, the inevitable aging process and what women do (or feel they have to do) in the mean time.”


Disposable hourglass made with tinfoil and sand


Chewing-gum-marble sphere flashed by a mirror


Silver paper in a scanner during an earthquake

Founded by Dea Sgarbossa and Nicola Russo in Bangkok in 2013 and now based in Citadella, Italy, the architecturally-inspured visual research agency makethatstudio develops concepts for cultural and commercial projects. Focussing on the Mediterranean area, the multi-disciplinary studio works across the fields of exhibition design, styling, interiors, graphic, product and web design. Their submission took a more abstract approach, showcasing three different visualizations of waiting.