Gue(ho)st House


Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus have converted an old house in France into a remarkable architectural and sculptural visitor center.

In the area surrounding the Synagogue de Delme contemporary art centre they gave it a ghostly cloak of polystyrene and paint.

The heart of the project is the transformation of an existing building that was once a prison, then a school and then a funeral home. Keeping this context in mind, the artists used the memory of the place and transformed the building into a ghost house, a veritable architectural phantasmagoria, which the title echoes. Gue(ho)st House borrows Marcel Duchamp’s wordplay: a Guest + A Host = A Ghost. This served as a trigger for the project, which offers an interface between hosts (art centre, commune) and guests (visitors, artists). Berdaguer and Péjus are covering the original house in a white veil that drips onto the surrounding area and creates a living body, a moving form that looks to the past as well as to the future.

All images © Berdaguer&Pejus | Via: dejoost

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