Light artist Janet Echelman visualised an earthquake, followed by a tsunami that took place in Chile in 2010. The name of the light sculpture ‘1.26’ is insired by the fact that the earthquake postponeed the earth’s axis, thus shortened the day by 1.26 micro seconds.

Echelman reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculptures that respond to environmental forces like wind, water and sunlight. She used fishermen’s nets to create a new form of volumetric sculpture without using any heavy, solid materials. Echelman designs her projects together with a range of professionals, including aeronautical engineers and architects. For ‘1.26’ she worked with Philips dynamic LEDs.

All images © Janet Echelman

Echlemann01Janet Echelman project.Echlemann03Echlemann04TsunamiEchlemann06Echlemann07
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