INSTA FAVS #18: Julia Manchik


Julia Manchik is a photographer and graphic artist who is based in Seattle with her husband, best friend, and business partner Yuriy. They shoot weddings and portraits together, but the truth is, they do everything together.

Immediately following their own wedding a couple years ago, they took off on a 6-month jaunt to see the world, and in the meantime, started a travel blog to keep in touch with friends/family and help them sort through thousands of photos. They love to travel and be outdoors more than anything, and continue to keep up the blog with recent adventures closer to home. Julia uses Instagram to share travel photos, outdoor escapes in the mountains, current photo shoots, half-finished watercolors, good design around us, second hand finds, and bits of daily life. She loves that Instagram helps her get to know artists she admires on a more personal level.

Follow: @juliamanchik

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