Top 10 Travel Basics


We travel back and forth kind of often. For our iGNANTravel features we regularly explore new places and get to know new people, new cities and interesting locations which is just great. Though the act of traveling itself is usually not so much our favorite. Actually it consists pretty much of annoying packing, unproductive waiting and an almost magical loss of parts of our gear.

So we wanted to assemble some nice, handy, useful or just necessary goods to come along. Bon voyage.

1. Travel Almanac

Yes, this is like the third issue of Daily Basics featuring a book or magazine but we are just hooked on nice print publications with great pictures, texts and stories. For keeping you entertained while traveling there is sure nothing better than The Travel Almanac which explores the topics of traveling and temporary habitation from the personal perspectives of innovative figures in the fashion, music, art and film worlds.

2. Marvis Toothpaste

Keeps you fresh and clean even on long distance trips. The Marvis toothpaste, blending beautiful old-school branding with modern formulation and appeal. Apparently ‘Marvis toothpaste transforms a simple daily gesture into a moment of pure pleasure’. Not sure about that but it’ll definitely refresh you after a long daytrip.

3. Hoodie Pillow

No more neck pain with the travel hoodiepillow that combines pillow and hoodie in one. Works perfect for airline travel, road trips, sports teams, business traveling, lunch break napping and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where you are.

4. Travelers Notebook

Sometimes the best ideas pop up while beeing out there touring. So if you need to make notes use the ‘Expert Cowhide Leather Travelers Notebook’ from Japanese Stationery Experts Midori. The cover is made of leather, it comes in black and brown. The pad has 64 pages and an additional cotton pouch bag. Self-assertive in an unobtrusive way, the notebook looks more and more beautiful as you use it.

5. Toothbrush

Having toothpaste is only useful if you have a toothbrush to use it. This one is from Hay is made of untreated beechwood, sterilised and has bleached natural bristles.

6. Klean Kanteen

Already when I leave the house for a longer trip I somehow get crazy thirsty before I reach the subway station. So no matter where I go, I need liquids. One of the best ways to carry them is the Klean Kanteen, the ultimate answer to a safe alternative to plastic or lined aluminium bottles. Hardwearing and durable, this bottle will keep your drinks cool and fresh. It was the first BPA-free metal bottle on the market, helping change the way people think and drink ever since.

7. Roll Up Adapter

This portable charger minimizes cable clutter and maximizes functionality by placing multiple charging outlets on a single bar that rolls up into a slip-proof, polyurethane mat. You can refuel up to four devices simultaneously while occupying just a single wall outlet.

8. Victorinox

Founded in 1884, Victorinox has been producing expert multi-purpose knives for the Swiss army for over 100 years. Now celebrated for their iconic aesthetic as much as their multi-function, Victorinox Swiss army knives are a timeless design classic. This is the ‘Officer’s Knife’ in its purest form. It comes with large blade, small blade, can opener with small screwdriver, corkscrew, toothpick, tweezers, cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper. So no need to panic if you ever get lost.

9. Waxed Backpack

This Waxed Backpack is available on Etsy. It is made of an American waxed canvas. It is usable as an everyday backpack or to keep your belongings together while traveling. It has a roll to close top, waxed leather straps, a waxed leather double closure with buckle and double outside pocket with protective flap. On the inside it is fully lined with a blue cotton fabric, and has a large inside pocket. Click here and find more beautiful handmade bags by the Belgian designer.

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