Insta Fav #83: Young Mee Rim


Our Insta Fav #83 is Young Mee Rim, a student living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whenever her studies allow it, she loves to leave the city behind and explore the breathtaking landscapes of the country she lives in. Her Instagram feed, where she is known as @halfgirl, is filled with images that make us want to pack our bags and find unknown places in the countryside, outside the municipal borders.

Find out more about Young in the following Q&A and don’t forget to marvel at her feed.

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Where are you from? How does that place influence the way you photograph?
I’m from Denmark and have lived in Copenhagen for almost ten years now. I’ve only in recent years started to find Denmark really interesting, I think because I’ve always travelled abroad with my family and never really much within our own borders. As I’m discovering all these wonderful places in the countryside I feel a greater belonging to this tiny place, which just makes me more comfortable and relaxed – I see places and fall in love with them and that’s when they start to get photographable to me, if that makes sense.

What are your favorite environments to shoot in?
I prefer the countryside, being surrounded by nature and natural light. Living in the city sometimes limits the amount of photos I take during the week, and when I’m not traveling I mostly do interiors, food or schoolwork stills.

What are the strengths of shooting primarily mobile? How does this affect your imagery?
I don’t mind admitting that I prefer to carry as little around with me as possible – lugging around an SLR seems like an overkill to me, now that I’ve gotten so used to just using my iPhone. It’s light, easy to use and I need it with me anyway. I’m not sure it’s affected my imagery, but it has definitely changed the way I’m using my imagery and viewing other people’s photography. I almost never sit down at my computer anymore, where I used to spend hours and hours every day browsing through website portfolios, blogs and tumblrs to find inspiration. Although I still shoot a lot of analogue, I find myself updating my blog less and less – it’s just not on my mind anymore, even if I still enjoy looking at beautiful photography on a larger scale than my mobile screen.

Who and what are the things that inspire you?
I’m studying Natural History Conservation at the moment, so obviously nature is on my mind a lot. I try to visit places that have interesting/beautiful natural environments and find myself spending less and less time in cities.

Favorite instagrammers?
@annettepehrsson because the light and seemingly effortless simplicity in her photos just convey so much emotion – I always love her images and have been a fan of hers even before Instagram.
@benjaminhole because his portrayal of farm life makes me want to give up everything, move to the English countryside and become a farmer.

Tell us a little about your everyday.
My days are pretty busy with school work, so I don’t get to leave the city as much as when I have time off, but I do try to get out as much as possible. I love having dinner with my friends and family, and wish I had more time to spend just hanging out!

Which Apps do you use to edit your pictures?
I only use VSCO Cam, and have recently started using the new and improved Instagram tools as well. I kind of miss the days where you just slapped an Instagram-filter directly on your photos without any editing, because it was a much more real-time and direct feel. I try to keep the process as short and easy as possible to be able to upload as soon as possible, but I must admit my feed is mostly latergrams.

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