Elding Oscarson built the ‘Townhouse’ sandwiched between old buildings in Landskrona, Sweden. It is nicely situated by the beach in a growing region. The lot is barely 5 meters wide with a tiny area of 75 square meters, facing a street but also a colorful hidden world inside the city block.

The street is lined with buildings of various height, size, facade material, age, and approach. The architects wanted to create a sharp contrast; to express inherent clarity, but more importantly to highlight the beauty of the surroundings. The clients want to use the house as a private gallery, so they need walls for art, not for privacy. The architects created a single space, softly partitioned by thin exposed steel slabs. These span the entire width of the house and divide its program – kitchen, dining, living, library, bed, bath, and a roof terrace. A home office is located in a separate building across a small garden. Mechanical and service spaces fit next to the entrance. This simple system creates an array of different spatial experiences in this very small project. It aims at a non-minimalistic and lively sequence of confined and airy spaces, niches, interiors and exteriors, horizontal and vertical views as well as carefully framed views of the site. The continuous interior space is opening up to the street, to the middle of the block, and to the sky above.

All images © Åke E:son Lindman