iGNANT x HAW-LIN x NO 74 Lookbook


Finally we launched our second T-shirt colaboration. In the end of 2012 we announced our first limited T-shirt edition and tote bag together with Deutsche & Japaner. Yesterday it was time to celebrate the second T-shirt release and the opening of the T-shirt season.

This time we teamed up with No74 Berlin and the designers Nathan Cowen and Jacob Klein of Haw-lin Services. The photographer Ramon Haindl took care of the visual translation of the project into a lookbook. The booklet comes in plain black and white while the pictures themselves play with close ups and the typical Haw-lin smiley in the distance. Thus Ramon translated the idea of the designers to work with micro vs. marco and to dare to think big into photographs and outlined the special features of the T-shirt, like the made-to-measure unique pockets, matching handkerchiefs and bold, yet hidden logo implementations. Each T-shirt comes in a package with a handkerchief and a lookbook.

The limited packages are now available at the iGNANT Shop.

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