INSTA FAVS #17: Chad Barela


Our Insta Fav #17, Chad Barela described that he was born and raised in the boring town of ABQ, NM. He plans to move to Nashville at the turn of the new year with a band he plays with and to pursue his own musical endeavors. Chad teaches music lessons to kids and plays music for his local church weekly.

He has also toured with bands he plays with which gives him great opportunities to see new places, meet new people and take pictures of it all. One of Chad’s main motivations in getting an iPhone was to use Instagram. He states: ‘I loved the idea of making my photos like my clothes, giving people an idea of who I am. I love good clothes, I love good people, I love good people in good clothes.’ Furthermore, Chad is really into the idea of making new friends through social sites like Instagram and then meeting them in person through his travels.

Follow: @chadbarela

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