Curved Hus


HUS-1 is a house on the Swedish West coast designed by Torsten Ottesjö. It is nestled in a valley far from urban linearity, where it aims to provide an optimal living environment. This only 25 sqm house has it all: Kitchen, sleeping quarters, dinner table, hallway and also room for welcoming guests.

Ottesjö says we need extremely few things to survive but we often surround us with so much stuff, we actually don’t really need. Being surrounded by beautiful things we may feel much happier. The idea is a dwelling as personification. The dwelling features convex walls which seam together with the floor creating both a sense of airiness and a naturally curved seating space along the sides of the interior. The structure is free-standing, so it can be moved anywhere; though the feeling is that it has actually sprouted out of the ground it rests on. Ottesjö wanted to adapt the house to nature’s infinite variety of form and therefor using only wood to shape it easily to the curvilinear forms. ‘Wherever a person comes in contact with the building it should be tailored for the form and the mechanics of the human body’.

All images © David Relan | Via: Inthralld

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