Zeroplus by architect and futurist Joshua Brevoort and designer and architect Lisa Chun is working on the intersection of traditional practice of building and urban projects with research based investigations. Located on the Swinomish Indian Reserve, the ‘Sneeoosh Cabin’ is nestled within the trees and gives insanely beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

The architects tried to develop a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings and create an ecological model and a retreat from the intense experiences of urban living. It’s about non-disturbance, the efficiency of natural systems and lightness, which can be an elevation of spirit brought on by a rich connection to site.
They split the use of the cabin into two distinct zones; one exposed and one protected, providing a way to enjoy the sensory experience of the forest but to have a warm protected refuge from it as well. By conserving the existing characteristics of the site and connecting to its richness, complexity, beauty, and ever changing qualities it can be observed and understood at all times. A quality that lightens the mind and hopefully contributes to a healthy and nurturing way of living.

All images © Zeroplus Architects | Via: Inthralld

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