David Abrahams Photographs Shape, Form, And Imperfection


London-based photographer David Abrahams has a knack for documenting the elegant, whether it’s still lifes for fashion editorials or spontaneous moments of passers-by.

Hailing from Leeds in England, Abrahams shoots a combination of landscapes, street documentary, fashion portraits, and product photography. Although varied, his work’s likeness lies in images imbued with a sense of elegance and imperfection. The photographer’s still life images encompass fashion products such as handbags and shoes, juxtaposed against found objects like unusual flowers and fruits; breathing creative life into a world of overt product advertising. His preoccupation with natural textures creates a framework where shape and form intersect, with an overall sense of placidity. Not dissimilarly, images of shadows cast against residential properties are placed next to relaxed models, or landscapes with similar compositions. “Nothing is ever perfect, but everything can be beautiful”, explains the photographer of his diverse portfolio.

All images © David Abrahams

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