The Masterful Lens Of Michael Hemy


British-born photographer Michael Hemy splits his time between London and Paris, but his work goes beyond such national borders, circulating across the world online and in high-end print magazines.

Whilst Hemy has an enviable roster of clients—AnOther Magazine, Louis Vuitton, Vogue, Cos, Mr. Porter, Interview Magazine and Numéro, to name but a few—his photographs retain a unique aesthetic that remains consistent regardless of content. A master of both light and detail, Hemy’s photographic work often toys with similarities of form through shape, color, and light. This attention to detail is repeated in his tactile vision—so clear and true that in some photographs it feels as if one could lean through the frame and grasp the hand of a model, or the material of a skirt.

All images © Michael Hemy

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