An Unexpected Bloom

Gucci Editorial

Colors and scents tied to memory mark the passage of time; fragrance on the air and the verdant gradient of trees seem to herald the change of season with greater accuracy than any calendar. The floral notes of Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori luminously transport you to the saturated technicolor of a blue-skied spring day.

Each year, spring arrives wrapped in new light, bursting forth from cold earth without warning. Its coming always a surprise, though it shouldn’t be; weren’t we told that the sun would shine again? As its warm glow wends its way towards us, bulbs force their way through soil hardened by a season of snow, and branches fill with impatient buds ready to bloom. The world, for a moment, feels new.

Arianna Lago has captured spring as its scent fills sun-soaked streets. Once empty pavements flood with eager footsteps and chatter, hills of green become crowded with new life and paddocks of slender golden flowers move gently against a body that stands in the warm wind. Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori has bottled these moments of early freedom; the innocence of new life and the optimism of a flower as it blooms.

In collaboration with Gucci.

Photographer: Arianna Lago
Production: IGNANT Production
Styling & Agency: Assortment
Styling Assistant: Kourtney Jackson Smith
Model: Amanda Davis
Year: 2018

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