A Self-built Tree House, A Childhood Dream Come True


For longtime readers of this very site, the name of Foster Huntington might already sound familiar. He was featured as one of the Top 10 Road Trip Photographers as well as with his projects The Burning House and A Restless Transplant. Now, he embarked on a new adventure together with some friends: he built a tree house in Washington State near Oregon and called it ‘The Cinder Cone’.

He says about his motivation that he was “inspired by the people and places I’d seen during my time on the road”. In addition to the stunning view over the valley, there’s also an outdoor bathtub and a skate bowl – a childhood dream come true. While some of his friends had already worked as carpenters professionally, a lot of things were also learned on the go. Documented on thousands of photos, the two treehouses are connected through a 25-foot-long bridge and the interior is rustic, yet minimalistic.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the whole process of building a treehouse is also documented in a book which is available to preorder here.

All images © Foster Huntington | Via: My Modern Met

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