A Concrete Holiday Home In The Woodlands Of Mexico


In the woodlands of Santa Catarina, Mexico, David Pedroza Castaneda and P+0 Arquitectura have designed the ‘2i-4E House’: an angular concrete home for a couple in need of a place to escape.

Located on a hill where at certain times of year water can be found eddying to the flats below, this holiday house was designed to accommodate the annual flow of water and to maximize views of the surrounding landscape. The original plan for ‘241E House’ included a bridge-like structure that straddled the watery ravine. Due to financial restrictions, this plan wasn’t able to be realized. As a compromise, the architects proposed “A minimum version of the project that can grow over time”.

The resultant home is tiered and holds the possibility for extension. Built across levels, the house consists of multiple indoor and outdoor spaces. The lower volume of the house consists of a forest-facing bedroom and semi-subterranean bathroom. The main living area is situated at street level, accessible via a patio edged by trees. Here, the living and dining room open onto a deck that overlooks the forest, and above this, a rooftop patio grants sweeping views of the landscape. Despite its angular nature, the home has a somewhat organic appearance. Crafted from buffed concrete and local stone, color and form of the building allow it to sit comfortably amongst the light earth and pine trees.


All images © FCHP Fotografia