A House


A few years ago ‘dmva architects’ were requested to design an extension to an A-framed house in order to reconvert an holiday home into a comfortable, contemporary house. They tried to find a design which fitted to building regulations and was also strong enough to touch the pyramid form, resulted in a floating volume, a ‘tunnel’ built with trapezoidal wooden constructions.

Two frames next to each other connect the old and the new part and create the basis for the dimensions of the library, the new bathroom and entrance. The back and the frontside of the new building are fully glazed, allowing full view on the garden and pond. Views from streetside are interrupted by a movable partition wall. The architectural concept is based on a dialogue between old and new, cosiness and openness, glass and wood and linked by materiality and details.

All images © Mick Couwenbergh | Via: feel desain

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