A restless Transplant


A restless Transplant is a photo blog by Foster Huntington. Two years ago he left his design job in New York City at Ralph Lauren and bought a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro to escape westward. He replaced the urban life with open landscapes and endless adventures on his open-ended road trip. Since then he spent his time driving 50,000 miles, surfing and camping.

Here are some of his favorite pictures from his journey. Looking at the pictures makes us want to climb into the car and start travelling ourselves, while his written reflections offer an insight to the captured moment. You can also follow him on his journey on Instagram.

All images © A restless Transplant

Restless Transplant_01Restless Transplant_02Restless Transplant_03Restless Transplant_04Restless Transplant_05Restless Transplant_06Restless Transplant_07Restless Transplant_08Restless Transplant_12Restless Transplant_13Restless Transplant_14
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