Top 10 Road Trip Photographers


Today we’d like to introduce you to our ‘Top 10 Road Trip Photographers’. First of all we must say that this list will probably never succeed in being complete as there are so many talented photographers out there capturing their trips in the most amazing ways so please feel invited to add your personal favorites in the comments to get this list growing. Enjoy our picks.

Foster Huntington

Definitely not to be missed in this list is Foster Huntington with his photo blog A Restless Transplant that is dedicated to his open-ended road trip which he started a few years ago. Back then he just left his design job in NYC, bought a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro and escaped westward. Ever since he has filled his blog with the most beautiful images of his adventures. You can also follow him via Instagram.


Nich Hance McElroy

In his series ‘Thirteenth Month’ photographer Nich Hance McElroy captured a beautiful journey through Canada. Browsing through his Flickr makes it also quite obvious that this guy loves the outdoors and spends most of his time on the road, in the woods, exploring unknown land. His camera always on his body, he succeeds in capturing beautiful perspectives, moods and details of his trips.


Randy P. Martin

We featured photographer Randy P. Martin a few times on iGNANT and we’re regularly checking his portfolio for new stuff. His mesmerizing travel photography is one of a kind, carrying so much energy, emotions and just pure beauty. We’re in awe of his amazing landscape shots and his authentic, natural style that brings us to faraway corners of the earth.


Neels Castillon

Neels Castillon is what you might call a travel enthusiast. His series ‘Black Patagonia’ documents his road trip to Patagonia, South America. He was just fascinated by its wild beauty that he captured in raw and dark images that you can check out here.


Venetia Dearden

Venetia Dearden’s project ‘On the Road’ is part of her publication ‘Eight Days’, a book documenting an eight-day trip of a group of friends ‘in the epic sweep of the American West’. The images are strong and beautiful, giving the viewer the impression of being right there – in the desert wind, with dear friends, sharing a great experience.


Jeff Luker

One of our favorite road trip photographers is Jeff Luker, who developed an amazing style, taking pictures mostly of his friends and their adventures. He documents a wild, untamed lifestyle that is celebrating youth culture.


Ben Schuyler

We introduced you to Ben Schuyler as one of our Insta Favs. The mobile photography of the Pacific Northwest born is just pure beauty. He is taking us hiking the Cascade Mountains and breathing in the salty air of the Puget Sound. Ben’s work plays on the marriage between portraiture and landscape photography.


Andrew Gallo

Andrew Gallo is always carrying his camera with him, releasing the shutter whenever the right moment comes up. His snaps as well as his commercial works are characterized by a beautiful, narrative style that feels very authentic and serene.


Jaime Beechum

Jaime Beechum’s love for the outdoors gets quite obvious in her photographs and we’d love to join one of her trips into the wild. Jaime shoots on a Mamiya 7, catching intimate moments and wonderful moods. The lighting seems soft and warm while the pictures are vivid and upbeat.


Finn Beales

If you’re into bold landscape views, you’ll love Finn Beales’ work. Looking at his feed makes us pack our stuff and just head the road. Beales also shoots travel and lifestyle commissions for various global brands who are attracted by his cinematic, contemplative style and the narrative he weaves throughout his work.


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