Bazar Noir · Berlin, Germany

Ana Santl

We met Catherine Pfisterer at her home and shop called Bazar Noir at Kreuzbergstrasse 78 in Berlin. Her home, where she lives with her husband and two kids, is in walking distance to the shop where Catherine curated a unique array of handcrafted furniture, objects, art and traditional local production from around the globe.

From the very beginning she knew that the color black should play an important role in the concept of the store as well as in its name. She obviously picked the French word for black, ‘noir’ since Catherine was born and raised in France. Bazar fits the idea she had in mind when opening the shop very well. She wanted to create an open space where you could discover hidden treasures, something unusual and unique. The all black interior of the shop was designed together with Hidden Fortress, a Berlin-based design studio.

You can already see in her home that Catherine is a perfectionist and much into details and interior design. The ground-floor features a fireplace which is completely painted in black, placed in the middle of the room separating kitchen and living room. Next to the fireplace we discover some of Catherine’s favourite objects, the ‘ancestors’, small sculptures from Indonesia, which are supposed to repel bad spirits.
Before she started Bazar Noir, Catherine would already do a lot of research on furniture, design and art for her home which she found on several trips, design fairs or all over the internet. Her friends began to notice her exceptional style and showed interest in purchasing some of the pieces for themselves, that’s when the idea for Bazar Noir sparked. Many goods she sells at the shop are inspired by a family holiday they spent in Morocco where they found a little store stuffed with the most amazing things such as ancient doors, rugs and other items. Sometimes their holiday suddenly turns into a hunt for special items for her home and now for Bazar Noir. Everything you can buy at the shop is hand-picked and she only adds goods to the selection that she would also like to live with at their home.

The first thing she sold at the store was actually a life-sized sculpture of an ancestors like the one we spotted at their home. A stranger noticed it during the opening event which was actually just a small gathering of friends and he picked the large item up to carry it to the register. It turned out that he was collecting the ancestor sculptures in quite a spell and he was thrilled to find one this large and well-preserved.
Next to vintage furniture she also offers goods of young and upcoming designers such as Ben Storms, Andree Weissert or Futagami at the store. You can also follow Bazar Noir on Facebook and see some of their goods at their online portfolio.

Kreuzbergstrasse 78
10965 Berlin

Mon: By appointment only
Tues – Sat: 11.00 – 16.00

Tel: 030 64 07 67 33

Photography by Ana Santl , Video by Sylvie Weber , interview and text by Caroline Kurze


SCENT by AOIRO x Ignant

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