Giulia Bersani


We already introduced photographer Giulia Bersani and her sensitive work on iGNANT. As we really enjoy her photographs we were curious to find out more about the 21-year-old girl from Italy, we asked her to join our 24 Hour Features.

So she took us with her for one day in her life to introduce us to her everyday routine. She shoots mainly analogue with her Canon, creating an effortless, intimate style. Enjoy.

[9:45 am] I wake up in my bed and I have breakfast

[10:15 am] I shave my legs, I have a shower and I prepare myself for the day

[11:00 am] I hang out the clothes

[11:30 am] I’m ready for going out; my cat wants to come with me

[12:00 am] After a little walk I catch the underground and head towards the city center

[12:30 am] I’m in front of the Dome of my city (Milan). I observe some tourists while I wait for my last films to be developed

[1:30 pm] I take the underground once again for going to my boyfriend’s house

[2:00 pm] We cook and eat pasta together with a friend of him and then we study for a few hours

[5:30 pm] I go to print some photos for my next exhibition

[7:00 pm] I take a walk and move to my friend Stephanie’s house

[7:30 pm] I arrive there; she is waiting for me with Whiskey, her dog. We talk about boys while we prepare popcorn and candies

[9:00 pm] We watch a movie, we chit-chat and fall asleep on the couch

All images © Giulia Bersani

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