A Day In The Swiss Alps With Arnaud Ele and Nadia Tarra


The Swiss couple Arnaud Ele and Nadia Tarra works as a duo since last year. Nadia is mainly shooting fashion, collaborating with designer brands, while Arnaud studied film in Geneva, working on independent projects on the side. Together they developed a characteristic style that is celebrating youth culture in analogue images and double exposures in rather muted colors. You can find much more of their works on their Tumblr and Flickr.

For our 24 Hours series, they’ve been showing us one day in the Swiss alps through the lenses of their cameras. Enjoy.

[08:00 am] We wake up to a new day full of images. The light is beautiful but the day promises to become cloudy.

[10:00 am] Alejandra is a professional model, she came home because she would like us to shoot some portraits of her in our characteristic style.

[1:00 pm] We got our friend Gaetan to take us on a ride in his new car, a Triumph 1975. We spend some good times together.

[2:00 pm] We arrive at an alpine lake where we meet a couple of friends. The snow is falling and the landscape is magical.

[5:00 pm] Arnaud stays at the lake with our friends to take some pictures in a precious moment of friendship.

[6:00 pm] Nadia and Nita hit the road, to take a few images together. Everyday we explore a different road and embark on a new journey.

All images © Arnaud Ele and Nadia Tarra

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