Photography by Dennis Swiatkowski

Dennis Swiatkowski’s Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

Journeying to the planet’s most sun-soaked corners, Dutch photographer Dennis Swiatkowski documents the places of dreams.

Migrating between the warm climates of Cape Town and the much cooler, metropolitan city of Amsterdam throughout his youth provided Swiatkowski with an appetite for adventure and a love for the natural world. “I am astonished by what I see when I look up at the sky on a clear night and I am amazed by the beauty surrounding us on planet earth,” he told Another Magazine. His work depicts expansive beaches, grasslands and open roads, peppered with shots of tanned naked bodies submerged in nature.

Chasing Dreams, his newly released book is one for the wanderers, thrill seekers and dreamers among us. A coffee table sized hardback filled with signature shoots for Glamour, Elle, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger, it offers a glimpse into faraway lands from the comfort of an armchair. What is most special about Swiatkowski’s work is his ability to capture the things that a photo cannot usually replicate: a feeling, a certain atmosphere, an affect. He sums up “I mean, everything you see in the book exists, but it’s a little too good, too beautiful to be true.”

South Africa by Dennis Swiatkowski
Dennis Swiatkowski
Photography by Dennis Swiatkowski
Photography by Dennis Swiatkowski
Photography by Dennis Swiatkowski
Rafaela by Dennis Swiatkowski
Dennis Swiatkowski
Dorith Mous by Dennis Swiatkowski
Photography by Dennis Swiatkowski
Cannes by Dennis Swiatkowski

All images © Dennis Swiatkowski

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