Zielturm am Rotsee


The lake Rotsee, in Switzerland, better known as ‘Göttersee’ (Lake of Gods) in rowing communities, is ideal for the implementation of rowing regattas. Here, right by the lakeside the ‘Zielturm’ built by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten, combines functionality, as well as scenic and urban identity formation.

By stacking three prefabricated units on top of another the architects created a vertical accent to the elongated horizontal lake surface. Supported by a concrete platform and a concrete staircase above the water level the static effective concrete platform allows access from land and water, and also to the first floor of the building. Through the architectural expression of the tower becomes a point of identification for the rowing community and the region. Serving sports during summer, the rest of the year the ‘Zielturm’ becomes a sculptural element in the picturesque surrounding landscape, mastering the balancing act between practical and functional requirements and aesthetic demands seemingly effortlessly.

All images © Valentin Jeck

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