A Glowing Garage-Turned-Cabin By Studio Graypants


Design studio Graypants turned an abandoned garage into an illuminated lakeside cabin on an island in Washington state. As their debut architecture project, the studio’s aim was to preserve the existing structure of the former building as well as reuse some of the previous materials. Combining old and new elements means the cabin still has a century-old wood burning stove, while mobile phone technology is used to lighten up the walls.

In a statement about the project, the architects say: “The garage aims to make design mysterious. Making mundane tasks of our lives into opportunities that create beauty through joyful interaction. Providing a canvas that allows imagination to make new old and old new. The new becoming a theatre to watch the old gradually fade away. This space wasn’t about ordinary… it was about touching on boundaries of what is ordinary.”

All images © Amos Morgan

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