Faig Ahmed


Azerbaijan based artist Faig Ahmed has a very serious understanding of fiber arts. He is a master of combining fragments of traditional compositions with elements of contemporary sculptural forms. He currently studies the artistic qualities of Azerbaijani traditional rugs by disassembling their conventional structure and rearranging and reconstructing them in his own way.

His rugs aren’t your typical floor rugs, but much more – he more or less distorts and reinvents an iconic symbol of cultural significance. As a person who alway has been fond of investigating and researching every detail of anything that had interested him, sometimes this researches reached inconceivable depths mixing up with his imagination. ‘I’m therefore harried by a question others have left in childhood – ‘what is inside?’. He states, ‘that’s why I’m changing habitual and visually static objects making them spatial, giving them a new depth. And this as if reveals the essence of this object – the object that was mediocre just a minute ago.’

All images © Faig Ahmed

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