Insta Favs #37: Joyce Kim


Insta Fav #37 is Joyce Kim, a photographer from Baltimore, currently living in Los Angeles. Joyce moved to LA at the end of 2011, which coincided with an upgrade from flip phone to iPhone. Owning only film cameras at the time, she started using her phone as an economical alternative to documenting life in a new city.

Joyce feels drawn to flattened spaces, visual jokes, patterns, animals, and sticking to the grid. Her feed is a fine mixture between humorous pictures and expressive shots, demonstrating her unerring eye for great compositions and beautiful motifs. As she tells us, she loves the immediacy of shooting with a phone and sharing through Instagram. ‘Having the ability to take pictures so conveniently reminds me to go outside and always look at the world with curiosity, sensitivity, and a sense of humor. There are so many funny, sad, beautiful, absurd moments in this life that I find it much more rewarding to happen upon and capture them than to make something up.’

Follow: @jokimbo

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